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Karolina Natalia, Poland, August 2020
MAria Aviles / August 27, 2020

Karolina Natalia, Poland, August 2020
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My name is Karolina Natalia. I’m from Poland, but I have lived in Germany for 5 years now. I have been studying at AM Language for two weeks. I chose this school because I found the offer interesting and suitable. I started at Pre-Intermediate level but I have learnt to speak more freely and I could improve my grammar and pronunciation. My teacher was Philip and he is very funny and learning with him means having lot of fun. He is not strict but helpful. The most challenging thing during my studies was speaking, grammar and syntax and the thing that I enjoyed most was the way of teaching, which boosted my motivation. My classmates were all nice. I learnt English with different accents and this is amazing! I didn’t study at home so much, but I think that meeting friends after school was really helpful for speaking and understanding. The most memorable experience in Malta was the people. They are so nice and helpful and also the sea and the parties. My advice for those who want to learn English is to go to a country where everybody speaks English and look for friends who speak English.