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Kaori, Japan, November 2016
MAria Aviles / December 7, 2016

Kaori, Japan, November 2016
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Hello, my name is Kaori from Japan! I studied English at am Language Studio for 8 weeks. It was too short time for me but I had an amazing time! When I was in Japan, I decided to go to study abroad because I wanted to try something new. Usually Japanese people go to North America or Australia to study English, but I’ve always wanted to do something different from everyone else. That’s why I came to Malta☺️❤️ My agency highly recommended am Language Studio and they were right. The school is amazing! Teachers and leaders are very friendly and nice. Also the school activities were awesome and I could make a lot of friends there? About my English, before I came to Malta when I tried to speak English, I couldn’t even say half of what I wanted to say, but now I’m getting used to speaking English thanks to my teacher and friends!
I really enjoyed talking with my wonderful friends from all over the world! I was shocked to see people eating bananas and other snacks during class!???haha That would never happened in Japan! I loved it❤️ Learning English means I can talk to foreigners, get to know the world, and get to know what they think of Japan. That’s why I love English.
I highly recommend Am Language Studio for studying English♡ It’s the best school in Malta! I’m coming back to Malta for sure! Thank you for everything! See you??