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Junsei, Japan, February 2022
MAria Aviles / February 3, 2022

Junsei, Japan, February 2022
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Hello! I’m Junsei Kariya from Japan.

I’m a student of AM Language and also working as a social coordinator.

I have been in Malta since the first of July, but my course will be finished next week.

The reason why I chose this school is that there are few Japanese people so I could get many chances to speak English and meet people from other countries.When I came to Malta my level was Intermediate but now I’m taking the Advanced class.

Before I came to Malta, I wasn’t good at speaking English but my teacher, Michelle, taught me a lot of practical English and gave speaking practice. So I could improve English a lot. The school gave us lots of activities. I used to join the activities like Football matches and Bowling, visiting landmarks of Malta.

Now I’m working as a social coordinator. Through this job I could meet a lot of people.

If you come to Malta and choose this school, I recommend you to join this internship!

Thank you!