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Juliette, France, November 2019
MAria Aviles / November 20, 2019

Juliette, France, November 2019
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My name is Juliette and I am from France. I have studied in AM Language Studio for 3 months. The reason why I chose this school is, my agency recommended this school to me because all the students they sent to AM Language before, were happy with their experience. I studied in upper-intermediate class. My teacher was Francis and he was really good at teaching. He always made sure that we understood everything before we moved on. I found grammar and writing as the most challenging skills. I really liked the conversations that we had during the classes and I got on very well with my classmates. I was lucky to get to know people that come from different cultures. I studied at home every day what I learnt in school and did my homework. Speaking with my flat mates also helped me improve my English. I will never forget the people I met in Malta. My advice for those who want to learn English is to make lots of friends so they can speak English all the time not just during the lessons. And if you make a lot of friends you will have much fun which makes your experience better.