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Julian, Germany, September 2020
MAria Aviles / September 22, 2020

Julian, Germany, September 2020
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My name is Julian and I’m from Germany. In order to achieve the right IELTS level for university, I came to Malta to attend AM language school. I chose this school because it has a high teaching quality and still is one of the cheapest! I’ve stayed there for 7 weeks and improved my skills in all four parts (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) considerably. At the end, I even got a 7.5 instead of the aimed 7!
The school offers a unique, family-like atmosphere which boosted my motivation at school and during various organised activities. Every teacher has their own teaching style which allows an enthusiastic and individual support for all different students. Particularly, in the IELTS course, my teachers have done greatly, taking every student’s strengths and weaknesses into account. Regardless, if you’re doing it short and intensive or still need enough free time to enjoy Malta, the teacher will adapt to your pace. In my case, it was hard work, but definitely worth the effort.
I lived in a shared apartment provided by the school and therefore got in contact with people from all over the world. This was a fantastic experience since I learned various cultures, accents and made many new friends. Additionally, there will be guaranteed no boredom. I definitely recommend this for everyone who want to make quick progress in Speaking and Listening and overcome their shyness.
Coming to Malta to improve my English was a great choice and I advise it to everyone who wants to combine unforgettable holidays with effective studying.