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Julian Ewig, Germany, January 2019
MAria Aviles / January 23, 2019

Julian Ewig, Germany, January 2019
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Hi, my name is Julian Ewig and I come from Germany.I studied at AM Language Studio for 5 weeks.It was the first school I found on Google and the feedback was very positive.I started at an intermediate level and now my English level is upper intermediate.Michelle was my teacher. She explained things very well. My most challenging skill was grammar .One thing I really liked about the lessons was the speaking practice.In the classroom, while the group works, I learned a lot about my classmates.At home I studied 2 hours per day. Malta is a beautiful island, and I really enjoyed the amazing landscape. English has become a necessary skill for work, and in fact, all jobs require English. For this reason I decided to improve my English in the best possible way: travelling and living for a long time in an English speaking country.