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Julian, Colombia, April 2022
MAria Aviles / April 5, 2022

Julian, Colombia, April 2022
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My name is Julian, I come from Zipaquirá in Colombia, I´ve been studying at AM Languages since September, it’s almost 7 months, besides, over the last two months I’ve been working as a social coordinator.

I chose this school because it was recommended to me by some friends of my family. I started in the pre-intermediate level and now I’m in the intermediate level, furthermore, at the moment I´m with Tania and she helps me to improve my grammar and also the correct pronunciation because she is really methodological. The most challenging skill during my course was grammar and vocabulary. The most enjoyable part of my classes is meeting people from all over the world and, in fact, I have been learning experiences about different cultures when we talk about amazing subjects.

Personally, if you want to come to Malta, you will probably spend the best time of your life because the school gave us lots of activities. I usually sign up for activities such as Football matches and Surfside, visiting landmarks of Malta, you´ll really enjoy the best landscapes here.