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Julia, Germany, April 2017
MAria Aviles / April 25, 2017

Julia, Germany, April 2017
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My name is Julia and I am from Germany. I spent three weeks in Malta and attended a language course at AM Language Studio. I chose this school because booking was easy and I hear a lot of good things about the school. When I was still in Germany I did a placement test and after arriving in Malta I was classified for the intermediate course. I attended the intensive course, which consisted of morning and afternoon lessons. It was very useful that we worked with the book in the morning and had free speech in the afternoon. My course contained an agreeable mixture of grammar and discussion. I had two different teachers, Tessa and Caroline. Both teachers were professional, really helpful and friendly, and the lessons were well organized. It was  very challenging for me to overcome my language barrier on the first  couple of days  and gradually activate my passive vocabulary. The cooperation among the students was very good. We helped each other and supported whoever needed help. The school is located in an older typically Maltese building and I really enjoyed the breaks on the roof terrace. The atmosphere at the school and among the flatmates in my apartment was fantastic. I usually did my homework outside because the beautiful weather in Malta. Through the activities provided by the school, I learned a lot of interesting things about the island, its culture and history. Thanks to all the leaders! They were very kind and motivated and we had a lot of fun together! I only had positive experiences and I am very glad that I went on this trip. It is great when you improve your language abilities and meet other students. I think AM Language Malta offers you an excellent opportunity to do this. I have made friends with many people from all over the world, and the exchange of different cultures is very interesting. Travelling is the fastest way to learn a new language and enjoy it. So, what are you waiting for?