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Josef, Slovakia, October 2015
Chris Knights / January 20, 2016

Josef, Slovakia, October 2015
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I’m Josef Pristic, from Slovakia.

I’ve been in am Language Studio for 4 weeks. If it was possible I’d like to stay longer because it’s a very good opportunity to improve my English skills.

I chose this am Language Studio because I heard a lot of good references about the school and courses and the price is good. You don’t need to think about it– there is only one option, go to Am Language School!!!

I began at Pre-intermediate level and now I’m at Intermediate. I’m sure it will get better because the teachers are very experienced. My teacher is Seema. She is very kind and understanding with every single person.

My problem is listening and speaking. Every single day it’s better, you have to think every day and in every moment in English. I like speaking when I can see my progress. Now I can listen and I’ve learnt how to build sentences.

We go to many activities from school and there we can practise and improve our English.

One year ago, I had private lessons in my country. It was not good because my teacher spoke half an hour only with native language, not in English. Conclusion after one year – minimal progress.

Malta is a very beautiful island with many wonderful places and I would like to return in Malta next year with my family for holiday