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Joice Bastos Prado, Brazil, April 2019
MAria Aviles / April 15, 2019

Joice Bastos Prado, Brazil, April 2019
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Hi, my name is Joice, I am Brazilian and I have been studying at Am Language Studio for 21 weeks. I chose this school because I received good recommendations from many friends and I felt comfortable to come.I started in elementary class and now my level is intermediate.During those many weeks, I had the opportunity to study with some teachers, and all of them are very good teachers, all with different styles.During my lessons, to me, grammar was the most challenging skill because it is very different from Portuguese and I improved a lot.What I enjoyed the most was the interactive and personal way to teach each student. All students interact and we all improved together.I learnt a lot from my classmates by working in groups and always speaking a lot.I also studied at home, I read books, watched series and movies, I guess it is crucial in the experience.To me, the most memorable experience in Malta was Mdina, by being so close to history and culture.If I can give an advice for those who want to learn English, coming to Malta and especially at Am Language Studio is the best option. I could improve my English, both in the school and by living with people coming from many countries, so the only option is to speak English everytime!