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Johan Castro, Colombia, June 2021
MAria Aviles / June 21, 2021

Johan Castro, Colombia, June 2021
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Hey, my name is Johan Castro and I am from Colombia. I have been here in Malta with AM Language for three weeks now. I decided to go to AM Language, because I heard that the school has a good mix of nationalities.

I started in the upper-intermediate class. Since I have only been here for 3 weeks, my current level is still upper-intermediate.

My teacher is Sian. I like everything about her lessons, but the thing I especially like is that she talks a lot. The skill that I struggle the most with is listening, but since I hear English all day, this will only get easier.

My most unforgettable experience that I have had here is Malta is when I played football with other AM students, and I won.

Before I came here, I had already studied English at home. However, in my opinion those who want to learn English should speak with people from other nationalities and AM Language is the perfect place for that!