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Jisu Chang, South Korea, September 2023
MAria Aviles / October 16, 2023

Jisu Chang, South Korea, September 2023
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I’m Jisu Chang from South Korea.

I have been a student at AM Language for almost two months.

I chose AM Language right away after counseling with my agency manager because of the following resons: Wide variety of school activity can make you experience various things, Appropriate number of students in a class (Considering how to learn English in the most effective way) and The location, Sliema, is a quiet and peaceful place but very practical.

I started with Upper Intermediate class, and I chose to stay in the same class until the end because I loved everything about my class. My teacher Francis is the one who made me feel lucky to meet in my life. He always came to classes with his own firm and correct educational philosophy and passionate attitude. Also he knew what would be the best for students who came to Malta to learn’ English. He was a very smart and wise teacher who knew how to teach English most efficiently and effectively while respecting and being considerate of students. By this class, I was able to improve my English skills with full of enjoyment. Beyond learning grammar, his class introduced me to a wider and better world. I had difficulties with speaking out my thoughts in English immediately. However, I was able to overcome this difficulty naturally by participating in this class.

Another charming part of AM Language: the school activities are led by social leaders, and it united students from all over the world. The welcome parties held every Monday, karaoke night, make friends activity, and all the activities I participated in were good.

My most memorable experience in Malta is visiting Comino Island and Blue Lagoon with friends I met in AM Language.

Even if we didn’t speak in perfect English, we communicated happily and made unforgettable memories together. Now, we can feel happiness just by the fact that we will still be good friends even if we live far away.

My advice for those who want to learn English, Don’t be scared because you’re not good enough at English. If you enjoy your life in Malta with confidence, your English will naturally improve. Go to school and participate in classes actively, spend time with your friends and make unforgettable memories in Malta.