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Jet, The Netherlands, February 2016
MAria Aviles / March 8, 2016

Jet, The Netherlands, February 2016
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Am Language testimonial, Jet from The Netherlands:

Hi, my name is Jet and I come from The Netherlands. I have studied for one week at AM Language Studio. During that week I met so many lovely people and had so much fun! And that is what makes am the best language school in Malta. am doesn’t only give you the opportunity to learn English but they also give you the opportunity to get to know Malta and show you how beautiful and fun it is. Every little thing they do, they do it with passion, love and a big smile. I will never forget the roof parties, the welcome parties and of course the lovely people who work day by day for us to organize everything!

My advice for those who want to learn English? Go to am Language studio and you will have the best lessons and time of your life!

I didn’t choose am Language Studio but it was selected for me. Well, I will thank those people for the rest of my life!