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Jessy, France, June 2017
MAria Aviles / June 26, 2017

Jessy, France, June 2017
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My name is Jessy Pelloux and I come from Paris, in France. I studied in am language studio during 3 weeks, I was in the pre-intermediate level and I stayed there during the 3 weeks. My teacher was Lisa Scerri, she was always full of energy and happy to make our lessons and I think she really enjoys her job. For me the most difficult part it’s my oral expression but with my teacher and my classmates we practiced a lot so it was really easier with the time. I really liked my lessons because there always was a good atmosphere in the classroom, everybody participated. Like I said my classmates were really nice, they came from a lot of different countries and everyone had a different story so it was really interesting to talk with them! I studied at home too for doing my homework and to see what we could do the next day. My most memorable experience was the visits to Gozo and Comino. That was really beautiful and I really enjoyed it! I advise people to make a linguistic trip in an English country! And Am Language is a really good school for this so I recommend it!