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Jens Steinfurth, Germany, November 2020
MAria Aviles / November 26, 2020

Jens Steinfurth, Germany, November 2020
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My name is Jens Steinfurth. I am from Germany, Ulm

I studied at AM Language School for 3 weeks. One week intensive course and 2 weeks IELTS preparation course to receive the permission to enter the university next year for a master degree.

Actually I chose AM language school in the end, because they offered me the best deal in relation to price and the requested demand I was looking for, which was IELTS preparation course during the special time of Covid-19. They guaranteed the course, even if I will be on my own, was very attractive to me.

My entry level, the reason being was intermediate, because I had some trouble with the grammar, which I couldn’t develop over the years. The former Level from German was B2 – upper intermediate, which I joined when the teacher upgraded my level to upper intermediate.

My main teacher were Seema. Seema is a warm-hearted person, who is focused well to your improvement in the language and has a brass neck to bring you up to the expected level. We had good talks in several topics and she brought me up to the IELTS exam in two weeks, which was a challenge to her to make me attain my best. Although it takes up to 8-16 weeks to prepare.

To pick up the language after several years, training the special IELTS roots and finally the homework was difficult in the end, but managable.

For me I enjoyed most the coffee break at the roof top, which has a wonderful view over Sliema and Valetta and invites you to relax between the lessons and catch up with other students. Thanks to Oliver for the nice coffee and talks.

From the classmates you can learn during speaking and interact, but only if they have a similar level or even higher, which I took advantage.

I enjoyed the several discussions with clients from over the world and different perspectives. Sometimes there were funny or led to discussions. Finally I had the privilege to meet wonderful people, who I will miss and I might cross paths fro another.

I had to study at home, cause of my pressure to reach my timeline for the IELTS certificate. Which I could handle quite well in the evening after lunch and school activities and sometimes in the morning. Homework are necessary, if you want to reach your target in a certain time.

My most memorable experience was that my classmates from my host family joined me for the IELTS Speaking test to Valetta. They asked me to join which gave me more confidence and let me stay calm. The boat trip to Gozo and blue lagoon where also worth mentioning. I met finally really nice people, which I will miss and might be catch up again for another round in Malta next year.

I would certainly recommend other to learn English more easy: use every possibility to talk, even your level is low or you are afraid. Only if you try to speak in your level you start to communicate and develop. Don’t think about yourself, I am too bad. Just try, that’s the reason why you joined the school.

The school and staff of the school are highly interested to provide a good school education and have a live a high quality standard. The price for the service is fair and the effort you can get is high, if you stay focused on your targets. They will push and support you.

Have a good time in Malta and with Am Language School.