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Jaume, Spain, May 2022
MAria Aviles / June 3, 2022

Jaume, Spain, May 2022
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Hello, I’m Jaume Guiem, I’m from Mallorca in Spain.

I decided to study in AM school because there aren’t many Spanish speakers compared with others schools and I heard that school have a high level in teaching quality as well. I’ve been studying with the school for 4 months,

I started at pre-intermediate level but now my level is intermediate. I want to say thanks to my wonderful teachers like Simone, Francis, Seema, Caroline, Lucy, all school staff and all my classmates thanks so much for this great experience.

Another thing interesting about the school are the amazing activities. Every day you have a different events to improve your level outside the school like excursions to explore the island, karaoke, English Café, etc.

I have to thank to the school the great opportunity to work like internship, this really help me to improve my listening and speaking.

I’ll always recommend this school and I hope to come back in the future.

In the end I would like to especially thank Irina from Leisure Department.