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Janka Stavna, Slovakia, July 2015
Chris Knights / January 4, 2016

Janka Stavna, Slovakia, July 2015
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My name is Janka Stavna and I am from Slovakia. I´ve studied in Am Language Studio for two weeks. I chose Am because my uncle had recommended it to me and he gave it to me as a gift. I couldn´t imagine a better gift for my 18th birthday! It has helped me a lot. All two weeks I was in advanced level. My teacher was Lesley H. Since I was in a mini group, there was a huge space for the teacher to help me to improve my English. We did many exercises every day, but I enjoyed the speaking more. It has been always the hardest for me –to speak, but I think I improved during those two weeks. I am thankful to Lesley for teaching me so much. I really enjoyed speaking about Malta, experiences, food or differences between our countries and I also learnt a lot from my classmates. Every experience in Malta was absolutely amazing, especially because of the good friends I´ve made, but the most memorable one for me is Isle of MTV. I recommend Am Language Studio to everyone who wants to improve their English, gain more confidence and make many new friends from all over the world. You won´t regret! I want to thank you all – teachers, leaders, friends and classmates. I feel so lucky I had an opportunity to study and spend such a wonderful time with you.