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Janett Posselt, Germany, August 2021
MAria Aviles / August 26, 2021

Janett Posselt, Germany, August 2021
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My name is Janett and I am from the northern part of Germany, L├╝beck.

Since July 2021, I have been an intern as Social Coordinator at AM language school and I am going to stay for 3 months.

I chose AM language as an employer because they provide a fantastic offer for interns: 40 hours per week, free accomodation (except weekly bills), and free English lessons. This is the most attractive offer for people who aim to improve their English skills.

My English teacher is called Sandro. He teaches very passionately and uses methods to support the learning and memorizing process. By this, the mental lexicon will be strengthened. Plus, I really enjoy the interaction with international people. I will keep in touch with some of the classmates when I am back in Germany.

Malta is a beautiful island with a lot of amazing natural pools and coasts. One can also explore a variety of food. If you want to try something typical Maltese, enjoy ice-cold Kinnie together with Pastizzi. For me, the most memorable experience in Malta is the aquatic environment. With diving goggles and/or snorkel one can explore the beauties of the Mediterranean Sea (variety of fishes, sea urchins and other aquatic creatures in Comino’s Blue Lagoon, Popeye Village, but also Sliema beach etc.).