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Jairo, Colombia, September 2020
MAria Aviles / October 12, 2020

Jairo, Colombia, September 2020
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I’m Jairo Mazenett, from Colombia. I’ve been studying since February. I’m supposed to be here until December. When I was looking for English schools in Malta, I had many kinds of options. I chose Am language school, because it has everything I want, such as modern facilities, structure of building, good location and also an excellent reputation. When I started studying, my level was intermediate. However, I couldn’t understand enough during the lesson. So I discussed with my teacher then we decided to go down a level to pre-intermediate. It was such a good decision because I was able to brush up my English skills more than before. Then I continued studying and now I’m upper intermediate. During my time in Am Language, I’ve met a lot of great teachers such as Michelle, Simmy, Seema, Caroline, Lisa and Jasmine. All of them have helped me to progress in learning English. My biggest challenge was overcoming my fear of English. In the process, Am Language school was able to handle everything and make convenient conditions. Especially, I would like to say the best part of the lessons is when we are sharing our own experience with classmates from all over the world. In particular, I can also learn from my classmates. In the same class I have found people who have different languages and level. If you really pay attention to what the others are saying, you’re able to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar as well. Of course, if you want to improve more than before, just studying in the school is not enough. Normally, when I come at home, I watch TV series, news, Youtube in English to feel familiar with English. Malta is such a good place to study English, because it’s a multi-cultural country and you must speak English to communicate with other people. The most important thing is that you have to select a good English school. Eventually, I’m satisfied with my choice.