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Jacopo, Italy, January 2017
MAria Aviles / February 3, 2017

Jacopo, Italy, January 2017
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Hi everybody, I’m Jacopo and I’m from Italy. I studied at am Language Studio for two months and it was one of the best experiences of my life.
I chose this school because I found a good offer on the Internet to study in Malta and I read a lot of positive reviews about it.
When I arrived in Malta I knew only the grammar part because I had studied English at University but, thanks to my teachers Emma and Andrew (the tall Andrew 😛 ) and also to my classmates Irina, Mehmet and Emiliano before; Simone, Shoko, Kamil, Sinem, Muhammet etc. after; I increased my vocabulary quickly and I had great improvements in the speech and the listening.
About my teachers… I appreciated their passion, their way to encourage me during the lessons and their professionalism. For this reason I listened all their advices and corrections with attention and I tried to apply it when I studied at home. My classmates were fantastic and lovely people; it was a pleasure meeting you and listening your experiences.

Now I can’t say which is the most memorable experience in Malta because I loved every single moment that I spent there: visiting the island, meeting people from all parts of the world, drinking four times a week with my friends ?, going out every day, meeting new girls, the parties, the hugs and the laughter, the salsa’s lessons, the football matches ( ps Turkey 0 Italy 2 ) etc… Only those who live this kind of adventure can understand what I’m writing. It’s something too special; UNFORGETTABLE.
I found special people that I’ll never forget. You were like a second family for me. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING GUYS: thank you to the leaders Rita, Mehmet, Sehrat, Sasha, Iago, Giuseppe, Nasti, Tugce… ; thank you to my special friends Francesca,Roberta, Davide,Andrea, Rose, Sophie, Vincenzo, Gabriele, Tiffen, Jamell, Korai…; thank you to the French group, to the Turkish group… thank you to everybody.
I will miss you !