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Isabella Leon, Colombia, December 2020
MAria Aviles / December 11, 2020

Isabella Leon, Colombia, December 2020
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I am Isabella Leon from Bogota – Colombia. I have been studied for 10 months. I chose AM School because because my friend Antonio recommended me and I also he searched about the school and when I read the reviews I liked the school.

I started my lessons in Elementary and now I am in Pre intermediate level.

I had fantastic teachers like Phillip, Jasmine, Sian, Mandy, Seema, Hrisi, Chrystin, Lisa, Ivan and Rebecca. All of them helped me to improve my written skills in English and I’m very happy to had them.

The lessons are amazing because you can speak about different topics, you learn in fun way and you never get bored.

I have fantastic classmates, thanks to them I could learn about their cultures, their countries and we study together at least 3 times per week or with other friends whom every day help me to improve my English.

Coming to Malta and studying at AM Language was a challenge for myself.

I can study in a wonderful Island in the middle of the Mediterranean, I can meet new people from different countries, I never imagined meeting so many different people. All my time in Malta is a memorable experience.

I want to invite you to come here, don’t think about it, just do it! It’s an amazing experience and also important for the future of your life. I think it is a thing you must do.