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Irina, Russia, October 2015
Chris Knights / January 20, 2016

Irina, Russia, October 2015
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Hi friends!!!

My name is Irina, I’m from Russia. I’m studying English at Am Language Studio for 5 weeks. It’s my second time here in Malta and at the school Am Language. I’ve always wanted to go to study English in a country where people from different countries come to learn English and when my friend, who was here one year ago, told me about his experience with Am Language School. I was very excited and I decided to come to here directly. I started from elementary level and I improved my English, now I’m in pre-intermediate class. I had excellent teachers – Gina, Seema and Elle. They have different teaching styles and I enjoyed, it was always very interesting. I was very happy to have the possibility to study English with the best teachers I’ve ever known! But also with every of my teacher I have not just formal relations, I feel something more, everyone is very kind and friendly. I felt very pleasant care and attention, I want to say to my teachers thank a lot for everything, your lessons was priceless.

The most challenging for me is grammar, I’m always speaking a lot with everybody and about everything, but I’m not always speaking right and for me it’s very important to know grammar.

At the school and including in my classes I met a lot of wonderful people from all around the world. I love so much this atmosphere, everyone open for friendship, everyone glad to share and enjoy with you and I’m happy to be here. This place gives me unforgettable experiences and emotions. Also I want to thank the leaders and Leisure Department, it’s always an incredible team, cheerful, sociable, energetic, guys who always create incredible atmosphere, friendly and positive. You’re doing a very good and important work. A lot of activities which help spend your time in an interesting way, with pleasure and practicing English with other students.

My advice for everyone – come to Malta to AM Language school and I’m sure you’ll never regret it, it’s the best that it can be!