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Irena, Poland, February 2023
MAria Aviles / March 14, 2023

Irena, Poland, February 2023
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Hello! My name is Irena! I I’m from Poland. I came to study English in Malta at AM Language.  The first month of studying is coming to end soon.  Based to the test results, I started at the Pre-Intermediate level.  I am interested in studying here.

Teachers create a good atmosphere for communication, always help and support students. The school also organizes many activities for students.  It helps me to fully immerse myself

in the English-speaking environment. I remove the fear of speaking English in English. It’s a very interesting experience for me to communicate with people from different countries every day.

It inspires and motivates me to improve my English! I found new friends, saw beautiful places in Malta.

Who wants to learn English, I recommend studying in Malta to everyone!