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Ilyas Kursat Demiraslan, Turkey, July 2021
MAria Aviles / August 26, 2021

Ilyas Kursat Demiraslan, Turkey, July 2021
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Hello, My Name is Ilyas and I’m from Turkey. I have been at AM Language since February 22nd and will be staying until august 8th  (24 weeks in total) .  I first started at pre-intermediate level with Philip as my teacher and later moved up to intermediate level with Lucy as teacher. In the end I even passed the ielts class and had Seema as my teacher. She is one of the best teachers at AM Language in my opinion. Seema really took her time to work with us one by one and support us individually.  She gave us homework according to our weaknesses so we can improve in the best possible way. She is very nice in general, always asking how we are and if we need something. During my ielts classes we were working from home due to COVID. This worked out very well and seamlessly. We got along really well!


I chose AM Language because of its price-quality-performance. I’m just really satisfied with the quality of the teacher I had. I will never forget you, my favourite teacher and friend, Seema 😊