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Iago, Brazil, September 2016
MAria Aviles / October 5, 2016

Iago, Brazil, September 2016
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Hello, I’m Iago, a typical Brazilian guy, 24 years old. I arrived 2 months ago here in Malta and I will stay for 4 more months. I started in pre-intermediate level and 4 weeks later I passed for Intermediate level. Everyone asks me why I chose Malta, and my answer is that it couldn’t be better, because Malta’s vibes are totally different of the other places! This beautiful island receives a lot of foreign people every day and also has amazing places to know, for me it’s the perfect combination to practise English.
About the school, I couldn’t be more happy with the choice I made. Am Language Studio is a well-organised school, with professional and helpful teachers. The lessons are very interesting and funny. Every single day you can learn different things and develop new English knowledge!
Also the school has the best activities ever by the leaders. The activities were a great opportunity to improve my English faster while making new friends,I knew incredible places and had a lot of fun (Malta’s nightlife is really crazy ).
Speaking about the activities, the worst part is to choose which one to do as it’s impossible to choose the best of them; the Gozo Sunset, the Blue Lagoon, the welcome parties and the Boat party no one can miss for sure!
In these two months I have met lovely people from all over the world and also big friends to keep in touch for the rest of my life! This has been the best part of this experience for me.
So if you are looking for the best way to learn English, don’t hesitate to come to Am Language Studio. Thanks for all am Language Studio and let’s have more fun English knowledge. ❣