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Hee Ra, South Korea, January 2018
MAria Aviles / February 5, 2018

Hee Ra, South Korea, January 2018
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Hi! My name is Hee Ra and my country is South Korea and I will stay here for 3 months.

I was recommended by my friend because I heard that AM Language is really good.

About my level, before, I was in Elementary class But I am pre-intermediate now.

My new teacher is Caroline, and I think she is really kind and funny.

I thought that I can’t speak English very well but I can speak English now I am improving every day more.

I enjoyed my lessons always.

I think my classmates are really good. They are always smiling to me and always kind! Sometimes they are teaching me some words of their language, we also study at home together. I am really happy.

My most memorable experience in Malta it was during our holiday because I had the chance to cook something for my friend and we could organize an enjoyable party all together.

I want to recommend for another person because I can speak and write English beside I can make some friends so…If another person is worried about AM school don’t doubt about it! Come here, because the question is, Why not?

Hee Ra,