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Haoran Wang, China, June 2021
MAria Aviles / June 21, 2021

Haoran Wang, China, June 2021
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Hello, My name is Haoran Wang. I am from Harbin in China.

I have been studying English approximately one month in AM Language School.

I lived Malta with my mum. My neighbour recommended AM Language School to me. At the beginning I only booked for one week; I noticed that the teachers were very friendly and professional so I decided to extend for three months more.

I started at the elementary level. Last week we had a test and I got 77 points and I moved to the Pre-Intermediate level.

My teachers are John and Sandro. John is my elementary class teacher and he is British. He told us a lot about UK. In his class, he mainly encourages you to speak. He is very friendly and you can ask him if you have any questions about life in Malta. You can quickly integrate into the class and dare to speak. We also use kahoot in grammar study. All the students in the class can use their mobile phones to join the online grammar game to see who has the highest score.

Sandro is my intermediate level class teacher. He was very friendly and professional! On the first day of entering the class, he introduced each of us to the students we didn’t know, and this made me get knowing all the students in the class. A very good start! In this class, the teacher is very professional. In addition to the textbook itself, there will be additional knowledge points to help students who have just been promoted to this level quickly adapt to this level.We have homework, which is about IELTS listening..

In AM Language School all the people are very friendly. For example Lyes is a social coordinator and I loved going to Gozo & Comino Tour because he was very outgoing and it helped me to integrate quickly into the new group. Yes, you can book a lot of extracurricular activities at AM Language School in the Leisure office!

In the process of learning, I think the most challenging is speaking. Whether in class or in extracurricular activities, you need to talk and ask other people some questions, so that you can make friends.

In the classroom, I like grammar very much, and practice with my classmates. Grammar is very important, It helps you in making sentences,in writing, etc

I will also learn at home, because if only relying on the time in class is not enough, you need to learn more vocabulary and prepare for the topic of the next class. If the next class is food, you need to know how to say and describe your hometown food in English, which needs to be preview in advance, because if you are a beginner, you need to learn a lot of things, So that you can speak freely in class.

My most unforgettable experience in Malta was going to Comino. It’s amazing! Swimming in there was like swimming in the pool and the speed boats are also very exciting!