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Guido Petruzzi, Italy, January 2021
MAria Aviles / January 18, 2021

Guido Petruzzi, Italy, January 2021
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Hi I’m Guido Petruzzi.
I’m from the North of Italy, Rovato in the province of Brescia.
I have studied in AM Language studio for 3 months and I became a social coordinator.
I came back to AM Language because I really enjoyed school life when I was student here and also I tried to work in Italy in an industry and I didn’t like the situation within the company with my boss. So I found an agency and I decided to do this beautiful experience.
When I was a student, I started in beginner level and in 3 months, I moved up really fast. Now my level is pre-Intermediate.
My first teacher was Seema and I really liked her way to teach!! She is really nice and I’m really proud because I learned very fast the basics of English.
I found a good feeling to speak with the other people who came from different countries.
At school, the teachers are really strong and powerful.
I like their way of teaching because they are very good at explaining important and interesting things.
I enjoyed all lessons because there is a nice environment at the school and the chance of being with different cultures gives you the opportunity to share good times.
I got along well with everyone and I am grateful to have met so many nice and kind people.
I learned something from them yes, because I shared good times and every day you learn more.
When I finished my 3 months course and I went back to Italy, I was staying at home. I was trying to have videocalls with my friends and I was able to keep speaking in English.
My most memorable experience in Malta was in Gozo because I stayed with the people from the school and we enjoyed our beautiful day all together.
I went with the school activity.
My advice is to try to learn English because it is necessary.
Without English, it is so difficult to have a conversation with a person of different nationality and for a future job or a normal life around the world is better to learn.
It’s fun!!!!