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Grinic, France, September 2021
MAria Aviles / September 30, 2021

Grinic, France, September 2021
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Hi, my name is Grinic and I am from France. I am a computer engineer in e-payment and secure transactions.

I have studied at AM Language for 3 weeks in order to improve my English.

In fact, I have chosen this school because of the price-quality-performance. I really liked the the lessons and the experienced teachers.

I started pre-intermediate lessons and my level has now improved.

My coaching was done with 2 wonderful female teachers : Lucy and Tania. They used tools which helped me practising the speaking and the listening. I also liked their way of explaining exercises and grammar.

During the lessons, I found listening very hard and the speaking was pretty tricky. However, I like the grammar because it helps me build sentences which improves my writing.

In the classroom, I like to practice the grammar and the speaking together with my classmates. I also tried to solve the speaking and the listening excerciseswith tools provided by the teachers.

My favourite activity during my time in Malta is English Cafe, because it helps me to get to know new people and improve my English while doing so.

So, I don’t regret studying at AM language one bit. I think I will continue with the courses online and come back again soon for a longer period of time.