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Giuseppe, Italy, November 2015
Chris Knights / January 26, 2016

Giuseppe, Italy, November 2015
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We can imagine an idea of mine: “The Island of the world” When I was in my city, NAPOLI, I had this thought, to learn and improve my English. I was sat in front of the computer at the desk, looking for an opportunity. I saw Malta and it is a beautiful place with a lot of history and at the end I found the website for “AM Language School”. I saw an economic advantage and I saw a lot of positive comments about the school, with an exchange of e-mail…..I was ready to start this experience!!! When I arrived in the airport of Malta, I saw immediately my name printed on a card: Giuseppe Micillo. I arrived at my Host Family house and I was welcomed and accepted , it looked like they were my real family. I’m staying there for one month, with happiness all the time.
Now we can imagine being in a classroom of the school. Where…? My teacher Seema, with her pleasant manners and attention, she really enjoys teaching, while my teacher Mr Wayne is very congenial when teaching us. Both, with perseverance and a lot of competence, help us to overcome and improve our level, as a Pre-Intermediate student that I am. They give us a lot of interesting grammar exercises and the most important, experience, in every lesson. It is when we must speak of the culture of our countries we have the possibility to learn the opinion and the history of our friends, not only classmates.
We have learnt as well the sadness when friends leave the school to go back to their home, other friends invite you to visit their countries and the Chilean friends call you “brother”, because you spend all your time together with marvellous excursions organized by the school, between nature and history with fantastic leaders that learn and have emotions with you. My suggestion for you is: “AM LANGUAGE SCHOOL, THE ISLAND OF THE WORLD”.