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Giuseppe, Italy, February 2017
MAria Aviles / March 3, 2017

Giuseppe, Italy, February 2017
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My name is Giuseppe and I’m from Italy. I arrived to am Language in January and I’ll stay till the beginning of March. I chose am School cause some friends suggested it to me and the references were very good. I started as an elementary and after a few weeks I saw progress. My teachers were Jonathan and Christine, they were very kind, nice and prepared. During the lessons I have improved my speaking and my grammar. I’ve met good and polite classmates who I had great fun with. They were from different countries: Turkey, Korea, Japan. After lessons I usually studied at home with my flatmates who helped me speaking English, also in our flat. I attended a lot of activities provided by the school and they all were so interesting. This experience was very important and useful for me. My advice is it to choose am Language for improving English and have a great fun.