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Gaetano, Italy, August 2020
MAria Aviles / August 27, 2020

Gaetano, Italy, August 2020
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My name is Gaetano and I’m from Italy. I have been studying here since March. I decided to choose Am language school because my sister told me this school. I started at an Intermediate level and I’m now currently at an Upper Intermediate level. My first teacher was Michelle. She is really enthusiastic. The most challenging part of English was the listening because I spoke with friends who came from other countries with different accents. Gradually, my listening skills have improved. In class, my classmates were so nice to me. At the same time, I learnt a lot about their cultures. I enjoyed sharing my culture with my classmates. My most memorable experience was visiting Comino through a school activity. It was such an amazing moment! My advice to those who want to learn English is to speak every day.