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Franco Galante, Italy,June 2018
MAria Aviles / June 1, 2018

Franco Galante, Italy,June 2018
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Hello everyone! I am Franco and I’m from Italy. I have studied at am Language Studio for 5 weeks and I chose this school because my friend’s mother recommended the school and she told me that am Language Studio was amazing. I started studying at an upper intermediate and I finished at an advance level. My teacher was Sandro. I liked his dedication and his attention to new vocabulary and expressions. I enjoyed speaking activities. I learnt a lot from them and my classmates are now my friends, as well. I studied at home. I have to do this because Sandro gives us a lot of material and to improve it is vital to work, as well as at school.The activities were really cool and it was also a  nice experience to meet people from different countries. The most memorable experience was Golden Bay for me. My advice to those who wish to learn English is to try to only speak in English, avoid your native language and  to join am Language Studio! Hola a todos, soy Franco de Italia, comence con un nivel de upper intermedio y estoy finalizando con un nivel avanzado, mi profesor fue Sandro, me gusta su dedicación y atención. Me divertí  en las actividades, aprendí mucho con mis compañeros de clases y amigos. Estudie en casa, porque mi profesor nos da mucho material para mejorar. Las actividades fueron muy divertidas y muy buena expericiencia de conocer personas de diferentes paises. Mi mejor experiencia fue Golden Bay. Mi consejo para quien quiere aprender ingles es estudiar en am Language Studio, tratar de hablar solo ingles y evitar hablar tu lengua nativa.