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Federica, Italy, April 2016
MAria Aviles / May 5, 2016

Federica, Italy, April 2016
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I need just three words to find the perfect description of this school: “The Big Deal”. And that´s exactly what this school was for me.
I´m Federica from Italy, and two months ago, I decided to improve my English for my job. I was looking for a good balance to invest my money in something of quality, and I found am Language Studio.
Firstly, I decided to trust the school because I was really impressed about its photos, posts and activities that I saw on its Facebook Page. They looked so interesting and I was convinced by then.
When I arrived here, I realized that it was a very big deal since the first day. I have the opportunity to improve my grammar and speaking mostly, first of all because I lived in a flat of the school that I shared with gorgeous students like me , from all over the world (A good international mix in the class but also in our flat. It’s the best way to never stop learning English and reaching your goal).
Secondly, but not least, I´ve found the best teachers I could have asked for. I started in an Intermediate Level in a nice and funny class where I met Tessa, the teacher that pushed me to challenge myself. She believed in me and in my abilities enough to push me to try the test to change the level.
I didn´t believe in myself before to do this, I was so scared to fail but after I decided to challenge my possibilities.
The result was amazing and it was one of the best satisfactions of my life. I passed the test and now I´m in the Upper-Intermediate level, where I was also so lucky to find another great teacher, Michelle, who since the first day in her class made me feel so comfortable with my new classmates and with her new method.
I highly recommend am Language, which is not only a school, but also it’s a place where you will find a big international family away from your country, which will make you feel “at home”.
I want to say “ Thank you” to my wonderful teachers, who taught me the best way to improve my English, who gave me teachings for life .A lso I´ll never forget my classmates and flatmates, with whom I shared lessons at school and enjoyed this beautiful island, Malta.
My best memories are here.
In conclusion, you should trust me, because if you choose am Language Studio, you will understand the meaning of “growing up, and experience that you will never forget”.