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Faraci Croce, Italy, April 2019
MAria Aviles / April 15, 2019

Faraci Croce, Italy, April 2019
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Hi, my name is Croce and I am from Palermo in Sicily. I have spent a great week studying at Am Language Studio. I chose this school because I wanted to go to Malta to refresh my English.I started in an intermediate level class and my level is now upper intermediate. I enjoyed having Michelle as a teacher, an excellent one.During the lessons, I enjoyed everything and the most challenging skill is stress, intonation and pronunciation. I got on with all of my classmates: it was a good exchange of information.I studied at home only a few times.The most memorable experience in Malta was the different trips, sunbathing and, of course, the school.To me, the best advice to learn english is to come to Malta. I will organize a group of my students and I will return, surely !