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Eugenia, Italy, June 2016
MAria Aviles / July 8, 2016

Eugenia, Italy, June 2016
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Hi, I’m Eugenia; I come from Italy (Sicily). I decided to go to Malta to improve my English for my job; in summer I work as a receptionist and I have to talk with a lot of tourists. I stayed in Malta two months and now I miss that place so much! I think that this is a beautiful experience for two reasons: the first is that I started a good relation with my teachers, and the second reason is that you can choose a lot of activities organized by the school. You can also meet our leaders (the best for me are Annarita, Amparo and Beri). I want to say thanks to my teacher Michelle who is a really special person. 
I enjoyed and I met a lot of people and now they are my big family. I’m really happy with my choice and I recommend all of you this kind of experience which can open the doors of your heart!


Thank you so much for all am Language Studio!