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Eszter, Hungary, October 2016
MAria Aviles / November 8, 2016

Eszter, Hungary, October 2016
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Hi! My name is Eszter, I’m from Hungary! I spent in Malta only one week, unfortunately it was too short, but amazing!
It was the first time I travelled alone by plane, it was exciting and a little bit scary, but when I arrived to the airport a colleague of am Language was waiting for me and I could meet with my first new friends (from Netherlands) there!
I had to improve my English (maybe one week is not enough), and the school was perfect for this goal. My teacher and everyone of my group were great; I learnt a lot of new things! I’m just 17 years old, so I was the youngest in my group, and among my friends too, but it didn’t matter, because everybody was kind with me! Furthermore there were no other students from Hungary, so I always had to speak in English with everybody of course! On the first days I was a little bit shy, but if I needed something I had to speak, and if I made a mistake they understood it too and they didn’t deride me. It was an incredible experience!
I met a lot of new people from different countries with different cultures (from Italy, Turkey, Korea, Germany, France etc.). I could try the Turkish cafe, it was a little bit strong for me and then I was given a prediction too. And I could learn a few Turkish words too. My flatmates and neighbours were really friendly too. All social coordinators were helpful, kind and they were always smiling. The activities were great too and all parties were funny and fantastic with the others! Me and my friends decided if we are in the others counties we will meet ( for example with Koreans in January)!
I enjoyed every moment in Malta, I already miss everybody. I didn’t want to come back to Hungary! I hope I can go back in the future for more time and I can meet again with my new friends! Thank you for everything!