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Erick Lopez, Peru, January 2021
MAria Aviles / January 18, 2021

Erick Lopez, Peru, January 2021
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I’ve been studying for seven months in AM Language.Before I came here, I was searching between many English language schools in Malta and I saw AM Language School as a good alternative to study because it has good reviews from many students around the world and I could see that AM Language has also an excellent infrastructure and high technology.
I started in Elementary and now I’m in Intermediate.
During my 7 months I have had many fantastic and professional teachers as Hrisi, Richard, Rebecca, Christine, Philip, Sian, Mandy, Ivan, Francis and currently my teacher is Caroline. Each of them has a particular teaching style which is friendly and always keeping focus on my development in this lovely language.
My most challenging points during my studies are definitely speaking and writing. I enjoyed my lesson. For example, the way the teachers get your attention during class and challenge you to improve every day.
My classmates were so nice! Definitely this is the best of my time in AM Language because with them I have learned a lot of things about their cultures and traditions. Now I can say that coming to Malta was the best decision.
I studied at home as well, because the teachers give us homework and also once a month we have an assessment test. Everything is easier when you do it with your classmates.
My most memorable experience in Malta is meeting people around the world, who were willing to share their time with me walking around all this beautiful Island.
I want to say something to  people who want to come to Malta. Firstly, I would like to invite everyone to come here because you are going to find an amazing Island with a lot of activities to do. Secondly I want to tell them that in AM Language they will have a nice environment where can learn English. Finally I wish them to have fun!