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Emre, Turkey, December 2015
Chris Knights / January 29, 2016

Emre, Turkey, December 2015
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Hi everybody. I’m Emre from Turkey. I have been in Malta for 3 months. Malta was my first experience living abroad. I had heard a lot of good thing about Am Languages Studio. Actually, my friend went to Malta from Turkey. After İ checked about Am Languages Studio on internet so I saw activity photographs and comments. I decided to go to the chool. I learned a lot in class. For example: grammar, speaking and writing. When I arrivedin Malta, I didn’t speak English. Maybe, I could say simple things but now, I can speaking and discuss. My teacher were Gina, Ray and Kyle. Gina is a perfect teacher, she enjoys teaching. I learned how can I do jokes with Ray. Kyle is good teacher and grammar is important for him. I have a lot of friends from different countries. I’m happy because I met them. Italy, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Ukraine… If you want to learn English, you should come to am Languages Studio. Activities all the time, a different experience waiting for you in Malta.