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Elena, Italy, November 2015
Chris Knights / January 26, 2016

Elena, Italy, November 2015
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My name’s Elena and I’m from Treviso, Italy. I’ve studied at Am language studio for 5 months. I’ve chosen this school because next year I would like to begin with a PhD in Natural Science so I needed to improve my English. At the same time I wanted to try an experience abroad where I could have the chance to live far away from my home, to be independent¬†and to get to know people from other countries. The good weather, amazing beaches and fun school activities have made everything more unbelievable. Now I can say I’ve made the best choice for myself!!! I would like to say thank you to both my teachers. The first is Tessa B. With her I learnt a lot. She’s always been sweet with me. Every time she spurred me on to study English and also she encouraged me when I had bad moments. She was like a mum to me. I will never forget what she did for me. The second is Michelle P. I like her as a teacher and as a woman. I like her style: lively, ironic and exciting. But especially I love her way of teaching: the passion she put into her Job.
I will never forget my first days in the school, how difficult it was to speak English for me… and now I’m not afraid of speaking anymore!!!! What really helped me was to know a lot of people from so many countries. I can’t say how many things I’ve learnt about each and every culture. This has helped me to cast aside any prejudices I had -because we don’t judge!- to become open-minded.
But the best thing that could have happened to me was getting to know people I never thought could be my friends. We’ve shared so many moments. It was impossible not to become close. When I think about every single memory, especially with my flatmates… We’ve been like a family! I wish those friendships could be last a lifetime and it would be possible to meet each other somewhere again.
If someone asked me one advice I could just say this is an amazing experience, you can get to know so many people, you can learn a lot about everything, and you can start to see everything in a different way… Get the most out of this experience because it can give you so much!!!