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Elena, Italy, August 2016
MAria Aviles / September 14, 2016

Elena, Italy, August 2016
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Hello , my name is Elena , I am from Italy, I came from Perugia. It’s being a fantastic experience that I’ll never forget and that I would like to do another time in the future . I met many people from different countries and different cultures throughout Europe . The best thing of this experience is that you are forced to speak English all day and it became universal language. Teachers are very polite and prepared. Also the level of your class allows you to learn a lot and improve your English speaking and writing. You can live also a lot of beautiful experiences and have a lot of fun and visit many new places. If I think about this experience I can say that I will remember it for all my life and it has left a sign in my heart but especially in my way of thinking. Thank you am Language and see you soon!