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Domenico, Italy, September 2016
MAria Aviles / October 5, 2016

Domenico, Italy, September 2016
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Hello, I’m Domenico, I’m from Italy. I arrived to Am Language the 1st of August and I’m staying for two months. In my opinion to attend the course of English and talk with people of different countries and cultures it’s very helpful and really exciting.
About the school, I’m happy with my choice because Am Language Studio is a well-organized school, with professional and friendly teachers. The lessons are very interesting and funny and every day you can improve your English skills.
The school organizes a lot of activities every week and you can choose the ones you prefer. All these activities are very fun and interesting.
In these two months I have met people from all over the world: Arabic, German, Dutch, Italian, but in particular I have known the Turkish culture, I really like it, and I have met Turkish people that are really nice and SPECIAL and I’LL MISS THEM!