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Domenico Pepe, Italy, July 2017
MAria Aviles / July 10, 2017

Domenico Pepe, Italy, July 2017
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My name is Domenico Pepe, i m from Ferrandina(MT). I studied for three months in the am language school. I started here because they suggested am language. I Started in elementary class and finished in pre-intermediate. my teacher was Christine Greg in elementary and Maurine in pre-intermediate, I liked that there were interactive lessons and we could speak, because the speaking was the most challenging. I liked speaking with a lot of people from different counties. My classmates were very kind and interesting, I have learned a lot of new cultures. I studied at home. I haven’t got the most experience, but I liked the activities and every place that I had visited. My advice is to choose this experience because it’s very wonderful and important for learn not only English, but also for the life.