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Dayhana, Colombia, May 2022
MAria Aviles / May 13, 2022

Dayhana, Colombia, May 2022
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One of my big dreams had always been to have an English immersion, but I had always found excuses not to follow it. Today I am very happy and grateful to finally achieve that dream.

I think that sometimes with the passage of time, daily life, stress, our work, our responsibilities, we don’t mind finding a balance or having space to reflect on all those things we want for our lives. Also, sometimes we forget to listen to ourselves, to learn through deep conversations with people who, like us, are afraid of many things in their lives.

For me this experience was more than learning English, it was a week to learn about different cultures, challenge myself to travel alone, it was perfect to connect with myself, think about many things, visit new places and meet incredible people.

It is possible that you also have a dream, so today I want to motivate you to make it come true or at least work to achieve it.

Do not wait any longer, come to learn English in Malta and live the best experience of your live with AM Language.

I hope to return soon to this wonderful island.