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Davide, Italy, November 2016
MAria Aviles / December 7, 2016

Davide, Italy, November 2016
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Hello, my name is Davide from Sardinia! I have studied English at Am Language Studio for 5 weeks, 5 amazing weeks.
Now I realise that was too short time for me, cause I have lived an unforgettable adventure here. I met people from all over the world ? and this morning leaving Malta was really difficult and sad.
When I decided to go to study abroad, I remembered that some friends had told me that Malta would be a nice place for this; so I checked and I immediately found am Language Studio.
I’ve never regretted my choice.
The school is perfect, modern, equipped and efficient!
About my teacher? The best! Kyle and Drew ( Drew Brookes ), they have done the lessons not as if they were teaching a class of students, but as if they were teaching a group of friends. I have really appreciated this way of teaching.
Leaders and activities are amazing, they knew the way to be kind and friendly with the students, especially with me , ” cause I’m a good Sardinian guy! ” ??, so thanks Rita, Tugçe, Giuseppe, Mehmet, Nasti and Iago for the best moments spent together, I will never forget it.
I don’t want to talk about an activity that I enjoyed most, because every single activity has been different and special at the same time…
Before I came to Malta, my English was really basic, I couldn’t articulate complete sentences correctly, but now I think I feel the difference, even if I will never stop to study English, of course!! I needed to improve this language for my job and also because I love travelling around the world.
I would like to thank Roberta, Francesca, Andrea, Jacopo, Vincenzo, Ilenia… and many others, I can’t write all the names because the list can be too long, also to all my classmates that have transformed this holiday-study into an incredible experience.
Finally guys, I highly recommend am Language Studio to all those who want to study English in Malta and have fun. It’s the best school, for sure!! It’s not only a school where you can study English, ” It’s a way of life “!
I have already planned to come back in April.. you can imagine!! Thanks for everything!! We’ll see you again in few months.. ENJOOOOYYY