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Daphne, The Netherlands, January 2016
MAria Aviles / February 16, 2016

Daphne, The Netherlands, January 2016
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Hi! My name is Daphne Van Der Velden and I’m from The Netherlands.

I’ve been studying in AM Language for two weeks. I chose Malta because I heard great stories about it. Also the weather is much better than in The Netherlands. I started in the upper-intermediate level in the business course. I’ve learned al lot about marketing and learn more about the business world. The teachers were great, really nice and fun, they told us a lot about thir lives in Malta.

I’ve improved my English skills and I’m very happy about it.

Also it’s a nice way to meet different people from all around the world,you will meet so many new people and through the activities of the school you will get to know each other more and more. Also, it’s a nice way to see Malta.

I think if you are going to do your internship in Malta it really helps to go to the school first because you will improve the language and you will be confident at your internship to speak English and you will make a lot of new friends.

I’m happy that I went to AM language, but now I’ll start my internship in Valletta. I want to thank everybody from the school for the fun time and the adventures I had.

P.S I’m still coming to the parties!