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Daniel Luis de Purgly , Brazil, November 2019
MAria Aviles / November 20, 2019

Daniel Luis de Purgly , Brazil, November 2019
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Hi, my name is Daniel and I came from Brazil to improve my English in Malta during 18 weeks. I chose Am Language because my agency recommended it to me so I followed their advices without hesitations! I started the lessons as a beginner level and now I am at an intermediate level now, I improved a lot! I had so many teachers during my stay here in Malta, but all of them were really great! I especially enjoyed the teaching style of Sophia and Danielle, they are lovely and very dedicated for their students! During my stay in Malta and my lessons, what I found the most challenging skill was the grammar, it is really difficult for me and I have the feeling that the studies helped me a lot. About my lessons, what I enjoyed the most was the dynamic that we could feel in the classroom while all the students were talking to each other and sharing their experiences. I have really good relationships with my colleagues and I learnt a lot from them as well! Discovering new cultures, new people every week was really interesting to me. I studied sometimes at home, I wanted to practice as much as possible. My most memorable experience in Malta was to have a big barbecue on the beach in Golden Bay! It was wonderful to gather all together, having dinner while watching the sunset!  If I have some advices to give to the ones who want to learn English it would be to switch your phone into English, to talk as much as possible, and not to be afraid of doing mistakes!!