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Dagmar Wolfram, Germany, March 2024
MAria Aviles / March 21, 2024

Dagmar Wolfram, Germany, March 2024
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My name is Dagmar Wolfram and I am from Germany.

I have been in Malta since for two weeks and I found detailed information about the school and the conditions by searching in the internet.

At the beginning I started in level „Intermediate“ and I will finish the English course at the same level.

My teacher was Caroline and she has humor, She speaks not too fast and repeats contents with other words for a better understanding as a student I can finish my speech without any correction.

Now the listening exercises from the textbook were very challenging and I enjoyed to speak about „ad hoc“ topics, which was not prepared and I liked to speak about what I’m thinking without using the predefined phrases.

My favoutrite school activity was the tour to Gozo and I could not take part at some activities, because I had my lessons in the afternoon.  My most memorable experience in Malta is, that I met young people from all over the world and that they told me their stories.

In the School execute the placement test without any external help, Try to find a friend, who is not speaking your native language and use the offers oft he English-Cafe, ask for this in the leisure office or search in the internet for that.