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Cristiana, Italy, December 2015
Chris Knights / January 29, 2016

Cristiana, Italy, December 2015
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Hi everyone, I’m Cristiana and I come from Italy. I stayed in Malta for eight weeks and I studied English at Am Language Studio, in Sliema. When I was requested to write my testimonial, it came up to my mind all the beautiful memories of my study trip and I remembered a famous phrase that I read when I came back to Italy: “People don’t take trips; trips take people”. Now I can confirm that is absolutely true. My two months in Malta were definitely the best weeks of my life so far, not only for the fact that I met new people and I found new good friends, but also because in this time abroad I learnt so many things about myself I never knew before. To be honest, I didn’t know any English school in Malta because I never have been in Malta before, so I decided to rely on an Italian-Maltese agency to book my trip. Eventually, I chose Am Language because I was attracted to the photos posted on school Facebook page and, most importantly, because I learnt about the highly qualified and experienced teachers who work in the school from my agent. I started to study English like an “intermediate level” student and, after seven weeks, I managed to pass the exam to “upper-intermediate” class: this was a triumph for me! During the lessons, I gained independence and I became more confident. Without any doubt, I have to say thanks especially to my lovely teacher Tessa (B.), because in the class she allowed me to put aside my shyness and encouraged me to study English with passion. Anyway, I loved to stay in Andrew’s class, where I was at the beginning and met best friends and, even if for only one week (“BUT I LOVE HER” and her examples about food and Kyra), Michelle’s lessons. Guys, studying abroad is an amazing experience and I cannot recommend it enough. If you want to learn English or improve your linguistic skills, Am Language would be a perfect opportunity to do it. Thank you to EVERY person at Am school, a huge thank you to Claudia Abela (from the Sales Office) and thank you to our specials “leaders”, always ready to entertain and help the students.