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Coskun, Turkey, January 2016
MAria Aviles / February 16, 2016

Coskun, Turkey, January 2016
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My name is Coskun Ozturk. I come fromTurkey. I´m electrician and electronic engineer. I arrived in Malta last November! Two months ago, but I will be here until May, 6 months. Now I´m in Malta because I´m learnig English for job in my country.

This is my first experience abroad , I have never visited other countries before Malta. I want to visit another Europen countries too.

My first teacher in Am Language Studio was Leshley. Now my teacher is Wayne, he is the best teacher because his class is really fun. I started in beginner level , after 3 weeks studying I changed to elementary level.

I like living in Malta because there is a fantastic weather, hot and sunny.

In my opinion all people should come to Malta to learn English like me. People, thanks for help me every day